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DISC - Diamond Polishing Disc

DISC - Diamond Polishing Disc

These discs are for deburring small parts in Steel, Carbide, Ceramic, etc. Mandrels are available separately with a 1/8" shank.

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Part No.

DescriptionCutter Thickness Price Qty Add More
DISC-82 22.225mm Diameter Double-sided Cut-off0.25 £16.58
DISC-83 22.225mm Diameter Double-sided Cut-off0.30 £16.58
DISC-84 25.4mm Diameter Cut-off0.81 £16.58
DISC-88 25.4mm Diameter One-sided0.78 £17.40
DISC-88DC 25.4mm Diameter Double-sided0.94 £28.86
MANDREL-1/8 1/8 inch Mandrel £1.03
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