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DIAFILE - Diamond Plated Needle File

DIAFILE - Diamond Plated Needle File

Diamond plated needle files in 11 styles with a choice of fine, medium and coarse grit sizes.

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Part No.

Description Price Qty Add More
DIAFILE-1F Hand Fine £10.11
DIAFILE-1M Hand Medium £18.98
DIAFILE-1C Hand Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-2F Knife Fine £10.25
DIAFILE-2M Knife Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-2C Knife Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-3F Slitting Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-3M Slitting Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-3C Slitting Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-4F Three Square Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-4M Three Square Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-4C Three Square Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-5F Square Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-5M Square Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-5C Square Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-6F Round Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-6M Round Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-6C Round Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-7F Half Round Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-7M Half Round Medium £18.98
DIAFILE-7C Half Round Coarse £10.11
DIAFILE-8F Barrette Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-8M Barrette Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-8C Barrette Course £7.92
DIAFILE-9F Crossing Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-9M Crossing Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-9C Crossing Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-10F Round Edge Joint Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-10M Round Edge Joint Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-10C Round Edge Joint Coarse £7.92
DIAFILE-11F Warding Fine £7.92
DIAFILE-11M Warding Medium £7.92
DIAFILE-11C Warding Coarse £7.92
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