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COTOOLRC - HSCo Rectangular Tool Bits

COTOOLRC - HSCo Rectangular Tool Bits

HSCo Rectangular Tool Bits. Tolerance h13 - ISO 5421. Available in metric and imperial sizes. For use as boring tools or special tooling blanks.

Should the size you require not be listed please enquire.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A Length Price Qty Add More
COTOOL-3X15X150 3x15mm Rectangular150.0 £39.38
COTOOL-3X15X200 3x15mm Rectangular200.0 £48.01
COTOOL-4X8X100 4x8mm Rectangular100.0 £12.67
COTOOL-4X15X150 4x15mm Rectangular150.0 £45.26
COTOOL-4X6X100 4x6mm Rectangular100.0 £4.65
COTOOL-4X15X200 4x15mm Rectangular200.0 £55.27
COTOOL-4X16X80 4x16mm Rectangular80.0 £21.51
COTOOL-4X16X100 4x16mm Rectangular100.0 £26.81
COTOOL-.187X.5X6 3/16x1/2Rectangular152.0 £17.76
COTOOL-4X16X160 4x16mm Rectangular160.0 £43.31
COTOOL-4X20X150 4x20mm Rectangular150.0 £61.62
COTOOL-4X20X200 4x20mm Rectangular200.0 £76.73
COTOOL-5X10X100 5x10mm Rectangular100.0 £7.63
COTOOL-5X8X100 5x8mm Rectangular100.0 £7.51
COTOOL-5X10X160 5x10mm Rectangular160.0 £33.31
COTOOL-5X10X200 5x10mm Rectangular200.0 £40.08
COTOOL-5X15X150 5x15mm Rectangular150.0 £52.10
COTOOL-5X15X200 5x15mm Rectangular200.0 £63.49
COTOOL-5X20X160 5x20mm Rectangular160.0 £58.92
COTOOL-5X20X200 5x20mm Rectangular200.0 £73.35
COTOOL-1/4X1/2X6 1/4x1/2 Rectangular152.0 £27.07
COTOOL-6X10X100 6x10mm Rectangular100.0 £8.20
COTOOL-6X10X160 6x10mm Rectangular160.0 £40.08
COTOOL-6X10X200 6x10mm Rectangular200.0 £49.50
COTOOL-6X12X160 6x12mm Rectangular160.0 £42.71
COTOOL-6X12X200 6x12mm Rectangular200.0 £50.66
COTOOL-5/16X.5X6 5/16x1/2 Rectangular152.0 £17.87
COTOOL-8X12X160 8x12mm Rectangular160.0 £50.97
COTOOL-8X12X200 8x12mm Rectangular200.0 £62.52
COTOOL-8X16X160 8x16mm Rectangular160.0 £60.08
COTOOL-8X16X200 8x16mm Rectangular200.0 £73.08
COTOOL-3/8X1/2X4 3/8x1/2 Rectangular102.0 £20.98
COTOOL-3/8X1/2X6 3/8x1/2 Rectangular152.0 £31.45
COTOOL-3/8X3/4X6 3/8x3/4 Rectangular102.0 £31.93
COTOOL-3/8X5/8X6 3/8x5/8 Rectangular152.0 £38.93
COTOOL-10X16X100 10x16mm Rectangular100.0 £47.14
COTOOL-10X16X160 10x16mm Rectangular160.0 £80.44
COTOOL-10X16X200 10x16mm Rectangular200.0 £98.11
COTOOL-10X20X160 10x20mm Rectangular160.0 £88.38
COTOOL-10X20X200 10x20mm Rectangular200.0 £109.89
COTOOL-12X20X160 12x20mm Rectangular160.0 £97.53
COTOOL-12X20X200 12x20mm Rectangular200.0 £121.39
COTOOL-12X25X200 12x25mm Rectangular200.0 £84.24
COTOOL-1/2X3/4X4 1/2x3/4 Rectangular102.0 £38.93
COTOOL-1/2X3/4X6 1/2x3/4 Rectangular152.0 £58.40
COTOOL-1/2X1X6 1/2x1 Rectangular152.0 £76.78
COTOOL-5/8X3/4X6 5/8x3/4 Rectangular152.0 £74.89
COTOOL-5/8X7/8X6 5/8x7/8 Rectangular152.0 £55.93
COTOOL-16X25X200 16x25mm Rectangular200.0 £68.44
COTOOL-3/4X1X6 3/4x1 Rectangular152.0 £110.81
COTOOL-25X12X200 25x16mm Rectangular200.0 £159.10
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