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COTOOLB - HSCo Parting Pff Blade

COTOOLB - HSCo  Parting Pff BladeHSCo Parting off blades . Double Bevel.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A Length Price Qty Add More
COTOOL-1/8X7/8X7 1/8x7/8 Parting off Blade178.0 £49.51
COTOOL-3X12X120 3x12mm Parting off Blade120.0 £11.68
COTOOL-3X16X140 3x16mm Parting off Blade140.0 £13.47
COTOOL-3X20X140 3x16mm Parting off Blade140.0 £16.58
COTOOL-4X18X140 4x18mm Parting off Blade140.0 £17.50
COTOOL-4X20X140 4x20mm Parting off Blade140.0 £18.46
COTOOL-4X25X250 4x25mm Parting off Blade250.0 £39.24
COTOOL-6X25X250 6x25mm Parting off Blade250.0 £46.13
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