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CUT MAGIC FOAMY is suitable for Tapping, Drilling, Milling, Reaming.

Free from chlorine - sulphur free - free of mineral oil - low consumption - high performance - washable with water.

CUT MAGIC FOAMY can be used for stainless steel, chrome-nickel and manganese steel, titanium and its alloys. Also suitable for carbon and tool steels, cast iron and other metalworking operations. The application range covers all ferrous and non ferrous metals such as Steel, unalloyed and alloyed.

Due to the special formulation of the CUT MAGIC FOAMY a compatibility with all water-based lubricants is guaranteed.
CUT MAGIC FOAMY is applicable to all water-based lubricants as a performance improvement.

CUT MAGIC FOAMY is strong adhesive Cutting Foam for the targeted application on the workpiece.

  • Sulfur and mineral oil-free
  • fine doseages possible
  • washable with water

CUT MAGIC FOAMY allows an economic process with the least tool wear.


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0.4L Spray Can