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CCT - Carbide Tipped Centres

CCT - Carbide Tipped Centres

Morse Taper dead centres for lathes or grinding machines, male and female, full and half centres. Carbide tipped for extra wear resistance. Other tapers can be supplied on request.

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Part No.

DescriptionMorse Taper SizePoint Angle Price Qty Add More
CCT-M-#1 Male Tip Diameter 4.763160 £76.97
CCT-HM-#1 Half Male Tip Diameter 4.763160 £72.37
CCT-M-#2 Male Tip Diameter 6.350260 £81.71
CCT-HM-#2 Half Male Tip Diameter 6.350260 £75.71
CCT-F-#3 Female with BS3 Centre360 £81.01
CCT-HF-#3 Half Female with BS3 Centre360 £90.77
CCT-M-#3 Male Tip Diameter 7.938360 £114.77
CCT-HM-#3 Half Male Tip Diameter 7.938360 £129.41
CCT-F-#4 Female with BS4 Centre460 £116.56
CCT-HF-#4 Half Female with BS4 Centre460 £122.84
CCT-M-#4 Male Tip Diameter 11.112460 £104.56
CCT-HM-#4 Half Male Tip Diameter 11.112460 £110.84
CCT-HM-#5 Male Tip Diameter 15.875560 £160.39
CCT-M-#5 Half Male Tip Diameter 15.875560 £154.84
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