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Ceramic Stone Disc and Shank

Ceramic Stone Disc and Shank

A brand new addition to the Xebec Deburring range. XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft Disc Type for use with electric rotary hand held tools and CNC machines.

To Deburr and polish inner diameters that other tools cannot reach. Internal grooves that the are too small for the Wheel Type Brush or too large for the Crosshole Brush.

The ceramic stone disc is abrasive on all surfaces - front, rear and diameter. Allowing all of them to be used for deburring and polishing.


  • Small diameter, long flexible shaft to enable reaching and removing burrs deep inside the main bore of a workpiece
  • Long tool life. The stone lasts 3 -5 times longer than a rubber or vitrified grindstone.
  • Stable quality as the flexible shaft allows soft contact with work pieces and suppresses subtle vibration.

Maximum rotational speed 5000

Reducing sleeve available to suit 3mm collet.



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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.InfoCutter Thickness Price Qty Add More
XCH-PM-14D 14.00 x 2.0mm Grinding DiscCH-PM-14D2.00 £20.19
XCH-D-SH Shank for CH-PM-14D78.02.300CH-PM-14D £31.67
XRMP3024X Reducing sleeve to suit 3mm Collet2.300CH-PM-14D £34.84
Click on part number to check stock