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XSSH - Ceramic Stone Holder Stick Type

XSSH - Ceramic Stone Holder Stick Type

Ceramic Stone Holder For Stick Type Xebec Deburring. Please choose the holder to match the size of stone you have.

Hand holders are essential for using ceramic stones by hand. This is a really popular tool combination for hand finishing mould tools, for getting into intricate parts and tight spots.

The smaller stones and holders are most popular for small scale work, the CH2 and CH4 are most commonly chosen with the corresponding stones. Generally these stones are used by hand by jewellers as machine holders are for reciprocators not often found in jewellery workshops.

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Part No.

Description Price Qty Add More
XSSH-1 Stick type Holder for 1mm stick hand use £10.64
XSSH-2 Stick type Holder for 2mm stick hand use £10.64
XSSH-4 Stick type Holder for 4mm stick hand use £10.64
XSSH-6 Stick type Holder for 6mm stick hand use £10.64
XSSH-8 Stick type Holder for8mm stick hand use £10.64
XSSH-10 Stick type Holder for 10mm stick hand us £10.64
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