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XCHR - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Ceramic Stone Cylinder

XCHR - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Ceramic Stone Cylinder

The Xebec tool head is made of Alumina Fibre abrasive stone. Cutting edges are exposed over the whole surface and the flexible shaft provides soft contact with the workpiece. The cylinder type are useful for cross-holes in blind hole situations where the depth is restricted. Burrs are removed efficiently where the burr base thickness is less than 0.2mm after initial machining.Ideal for cross-hole deburring. Can be used with Robots and CNC machines. For more info and videos click here.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
XCHR-03PM 3.00x3.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-3R £14.79
XCHR-03PO 3.00x3.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PO-3R £14.79
XCHR-03PB 3.00x3.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PB-3R £14.79
XCHR-04PM 4.00x4.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-4R £17.57
XCHR-04PO 4.00x4.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PO-4R £17.57
XCHR-04PB 4.00x4.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PB-4R £17.57
XCHR-05PM 5.00x5.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-5R £19.41
XCHR-05PM-L 5.0 Dia x 10.0mm Long #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-5R-C01 £29.13
XCHR-05PO 5.00x5.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PO-5R £19.41
XCHR-05PB 5.00x5.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PB-5R £19.41
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