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XCHR - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Ceramic Stone Cylinder

XCHR - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Ceramic Stone Cylinder

The Xebec tool head is made of Alumina Fibre abrasive stone.

  • Cutting edges are exposed over the whole surface and the flexible shaft provides soft contact with the workpiece and suppresses subtle vibration when being processes.
  • Ideal for deburring both front and back of a drilled hole.
  • The cylinder type are useful for cross-holes in blind hole situations where the depth is restricted. Burrs are removed efficiently where the burr base thickness is less than 0.2mm after initial machining.Ideal for cross-hole deburring.
  • Can be used with Robots and CNC machines.


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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
XCHR-03PM 3.00x3.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-3R £14.79
XCHR-03PO 3.00x3.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PO-3R £14.79
XCHR-03PB 3.00x3.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PB-3R £14.79
XCHR-04PM 4.00x4.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-4R £17.57
XCHR-04PO 4.00x4.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PO-4R £17.57
XCHR-04PB 4.00x4.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PB-4R £17.57
XCHR-05PM 5.00x5.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-5R £19.41
XCHR-05PM-L 5.0 Dia x 10.0mm Long #220 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PM-5R-C01 £29.13
XCHR-05PO 5.00x5.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PO-5R £19.41
XCHR-05PB 5.00x5.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Cylinder70.03.000CH-PB-5R £19.41
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