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Xebec Diamond Abrasives

Xebec Diamond Abrasives

Xebec Ceramic stone Diamond sticks.

Suitable for materials harder than HRC57 such as cemented carbide and hardened steel (SKD, STAVAX, etc.)

When using the Stick Type, apply the tip at about 45 degrees to the surface to be polished, as it only has grinding power at the tip.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthInfoCutter Thickness Price Qty Add More
XDS-1004M 1.0X4X100 Diamond Grey 800 Grit100.0DS-1004M1.00 £35.78
XDS-1006M 1.0X6X100 Diamond Grey 800 Grit100.0DS-1006M1.00 £53.65
XDS-1010M 1.0X10X100 Diamond Grey 800 Grit100.0DS-1010M1.00 £71.31
XDF-1004M 1.0X4X100 Diamond Blue Green 400 Grit100.0DF-1004M1.00 £35.78
XDF-1006M 1.0X6X100 Diamond Blue Green 400 Grit100.0DF-1006M1.00 £53.65
XDF-1010M 1.0X10X100 Diamond Blue Green 400 Grit100.0DF-1010M1.00 £71.31
XDM-1004M 1.0X4X100 Diamond Black 200 Grit100.0DM-1004M1.00 £35.78
XDM-1006M 1.0X6X100 Diamond Black 200 Grit100.0DM-1006M1.00 £53.65
XDM-1010M 1.0X10X100 Diamond Black 200 Grit100.0DM-1010M1.00 £71.31
XPDF-30S 3.0X50 Diamond Blue Green 400 Grit50.0PDF-30S £68.97
XPDF-30M 3.0X100 Diamond Blue Green 400 Grit100.0PDF-30M £137.67
Click on part number to check stock