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XC - Back Burr Cutter

XC - Back Burr CutterThese back deburring tools are available with CNC path data. The Xebec Path plots point data to remove back burrs on a 3d curved edge while shifting the contact point of the spherical cutting edge. This provides a uniform edge shape by consistent deburring amount. Faster operating time thanks to the unique cutter design and long tool life by using the entirety of the cutting blade.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Shank TypeWorking LengthCutter Radius Price Qty Add Info
XC-08-A 0.80mm60.03.000REGULAR5.00.40 £84.35
XC-13-A 1.30mm60.03.000REGULAR8.00.65 £76.52
XC-18-A 1.80mm60.03.000REGULAR10.00.90 £67.83
XC-18-B 1.80mm50.01.100REDUCED0.90 £100.00
XC-28-A 2.80mm70.04.000REGULAR15.01.40 £73.04
XC-28-B 2.80mm70.01.700REDUCED1.40 £104.35
XC-38-A 3.80mm70.04.000REGULAR20.01.90 £75.65
XC-38-B 3.80mm85.02.400REDUCED1.90 £108.70
XC-48-A 4.80mm70.06.000REGULAR25.02.40 £80.87
XC-48-B 4.80mm105.03.000REDUCED2.40 £117.39
XC-58-A 5.80mm70.06.000REGULAR30.02.90 £85.22
XC-58-B 5.80mm120.03.500REDUCED2.90 £126.09
XC-PATH Path Code £ POA
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