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ROUTG - Carbide Single Flute Right Hand Spiral Router

ROUTG - Carbide Single Flute Right Hand Spiral Router

These Carbide Routers are suited to Sign makers, shop fitting industries and Window/Door Manufacturers. Ideal for High Speed Routing of Aluminium, UPVC, Acrylics, Plastics, Brass and Copper.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
ROUTG-0.5 0.50mm Diameter1.539.013.000 £36.46
ROUTG-0.6 0.60mm Diameter1.539.013.000 £36.46
ROUTG-0.8 0.80mm Diameter2.039.013.000 £36.46
ROUTG-1.00 1.00mm Diameter3.039.013.000 £32.38
ROUTG-1.20 1.20mm Diameter4.039.013.000 £37.43
ROUTG-1.40 1.40mm Diameter4.039.013.000 £37.43
ROUTG-1.50 1.50mm Diameter4.039.013.000 £32.38
ROUTG-1.60 1.60mm Diameter4.039.013.000 £37.43
ROUTG-1.80 1.80mm Diameter5.039.013.000 £37.43
ROUTG-2.00X40 2.00mm Diameter10.040.012.000 £14.25
ROUTG-2.50 2.50mm Diameter7.039.013.000 £37.43
ROUTG-3.00 3.00mm Diameter10.039.013.000 £39.46
ROUTG-3.00X40 3.00mm Diameter12.040.013.000 £15.21
ROUTG-4.00X40 4.00mm Diameter15.040.014.000 £18.44
ROUTG-5.00X50 5.00mm Diameter16.050.015.000 £23.72
ROUTG-6.00X60 6.00mm Diameter20.060.016.000 £27.23
ROUTG-6.00X80 6.00mm Diameter35.080.016.000 £61.67
ROUTG-8.00X63 8.00mm Diameter22.063.018.000 £44.25
ROUTG-8.00X80 8.00mm Diameter38.080.018.000 £61.67
ROUTG-10.00X72 10.00mm Diameter25.072.0110.000 £66.53
ROUTG-10.00X85 10.00mm Diameter45.085.0110.000 £90.50
ROUTG-12.00 12.00mm Diameter30.085.0112.000 £88.19
ROUTG-14.00 14.00mm Diameter30.085.0114.000 £132.06
ROUTG-16.00 16.00mm Diameter35.092.0116.000 £187.20
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