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ROUTFISH - Carbide Spiral Flute Router, Fishtail point

ROUTFISH - Carbide Spiral Flute Router, Fishtail point

Spiral Flute Router with Fishtail point This router has a fishtail end cut for drilling into the material and is for use with fibrous materials and laminates. These routers are designed for a high stock removal rate and give a long life whilst providing an excellent finish for milled surfaces. Sizes from 0.80 to 3.00 mm.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
ROUTFISH-0.80 0.800 mm Diameter4.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.00 1.000 mm Diameter4.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.10 1.100 mm Diameter4.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.20 1.200 mm Diameter6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.30 1.300 mm Diameter6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.40 1.400 mm Diameter6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.50 1.500 mm Diameter7.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.60 1.600 mm Diameter7.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.70 1.700 mm Diameter7.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.80 1.800 mm Diameter7.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-1.90 1.900 mm Diameter7.538.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-2.00 2.000 mm Diameter9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-2.10 2.100 mm Diameter9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-2.20 2.200 mm Diameter9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-2.30 2.300 mm Diameter9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-2.40 2.400 mm Diameter9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFISH-3.00 3.000 mm Diameter10.538.03.175 £4.17
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