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ROUTFGC - Carbide PCB Router, Milling End

ROUTFGC - Carbide PCB Router, Milling End

These routers are specially designed to rout printed circuit boards made from glassfibre and epoxy resin with copper layers. The diamond flute forms of these routers cuts powdered swarf and leaves a clean edge. High speed is necessary so it is important to select a router diameter that does not slow down the machine. These routers are available with a plain, drilling or milling end. Sizes from 1/32" to 1/2" and 3.00 to 12.00 mm.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
ROUTFGC-1/32 0.794 mm Diameter3.238.03.175 £10.76
ROUTFGC-0.80 0.8 mm Ø Fishtail End6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-1.00 1.0 mm Ø Fishtail End6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-1.30 1.3 mm Ø Fishtail End6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-1.40 1.4 mm Ø Fishtail End6.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-1/16 1.588 mm Diameter4.838.03.175 £12.12
ROUTFGC-2.00 2.0 mm Ø Fishtail End9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-2.30 2.3 mm Ø Fishtail End9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-3/32 2.381 mm Diameter9.538.03.175 £12.12
ROUTFGC-2.40 2.4 mm Ø Fishtail End9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-2.50 2.5 mm Ø Fishtail End9.038.03.175 £4.17
ROUTFGC-3.00 3.000 mm Diameter12.040.03.175 £10.28
ROUTFGC-1/8 3.175 mm Diameter13.038.03.175 £12.12
ROUTFGC-4.00 4.000 mm Diameter14.060.04.000 £14.62
ROUTFGC-3/16 4.763 mm Diameter16.051.04.762 £13.93
ROUTFGC-6.00 6.000 mm Diameter18.060.06.000 £32.77
ROUTFGC-6.00XT 6.000 mm Diameter TiAlN Coated18.060.06.000 £24.58
ROUTFGC-1/4 6.350 mm Diameter19.063.56.350 £23.60
ROUTFGCLS-1/4 6.350 mm Diameter19.063.06.350 £24.79
ROUTFGC-8.00 8.000 mm Diameter18.060.08.000 £32.77
ROUTFGC-3/8 9.525 mm Diameter25.064.09.525 £45.47
ROUTFGC-10.00 10.000mm Diameter20.065.010.000 £45.47
ROUTFGC-12.00 12.000mm Diameter25.067.012.000 £62.80
ROUTFGC-1/2 12.700mm Diameter25.076.012.700 £62.80
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