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XCHMEL - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring Extra Large Alumina Fibre

XCHMEL - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring Extra Large  Alumina Fibre

Xebec has added extra large sizes to the Xebec Brush Crosshole line up making it possible to automate deburring if inside diameters of 20mm to 35mm.

The blue brush of A34 material has improved grinding power and tool life.

  • Improved grinding power and tool
    wear resistance
  • Longer tool life because A34 material
    is easier to flare out, resulting in
    longer usable range of the bristle
  • Reduced uneven tool wear and
    easier to control with CNC machine

This tool comes in 2 parts. Initially you must order the brush and shank but only the brush needs to be replaced reducing tool costs.

This tool can be used on large sized parts - for example construction, agricultural, and industrial machines.

  • Realizes automation of deburring and cutter mark removal on CNC machine
    and robot.
  • Removes burrs on a cross hole, removes oxide layer, chips and foreign objects
    from the bottoms of a hole, and polish inner diameter.
  • Our original ceramic fiber material is used as the abrasive material. No
    abrasive grain contained. Consistent performance without deformation until the end of the tool life.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.InfoWorking Length Price Qty Add More
XCHM-SH-6 6mm Shank150.06.000CH-SH-6 £17.18
XCHM-SH-8 8mm Shank150.08.000CH-SH-8 £18.85
XCHM-A34-15 15mm will need XCH-SH-6 Shank150.06.00020.00025.000CH-A34-1560.0 £68.46
XCHM-A34-20 20mm will need XCH-SH-8 Shank150.08.00025.00030.000CH-A34-2060.0 £78.99
XCHM-A34-25 25mm will need XCH-SH-8 Shank150.08.00030.00035.000CH-A34-2560.0 £103.21
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