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CON-AT HSS Automotive Taper Reamer End Mills 3 deg per side

CON-AT HSS Automotive Taper Reamer End Mills 3 deg per side

Conical Automotive Tapers, premium High Speed Steel with a left hand spiral and right hand cut, to get the most out of the high speed steel and create a superior surface finish. The addition of a cylindrical land design creates a smooth cutting tool that can handle the needs of the automotive industry.

Designed for reaming ball joints and tie rod ends, the left hand spiral and right hand cut end mills, offer a slow spiral to avoid grabbing the material, while milling the intended area. At 1-1/2 Taper Per Foot, these tapered end mills are used on "through holes" or "predrilled holes" for heavy construction vehicles, recreational vehicles (ATVs), buses, snowmobiles and golf carts.

Proper tool setup and selection can improve your running parts by nearly 3 fold. Rather than using a 7 multi-axis machine and substantial programming time to cut a draft angle, the use of our tapered end mills were able to improve the finish and dramatically increase production results.

Roughing and Reaming Automotive tapers for Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends.

Made in the USA

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia. Price Qty Add More
CON-AT608 51.0111.0412.7009.52515.875 £62.49
CON-AT616 102.0168.0419.0109.52522.225 £120.83
CON-AT808 51.0111.0412.70012.70019.050 £72.96
CON-AT816 102.0168.0419.01012.70025.400 £175.71
CON-AT1008 51.0117.0419.01015.87522.225 £92.00
CON-AT1016 102.0175.0425.40015.87528.575 £188.04
CON-AT1208 51.0117.0419.01019.05025.400 £118.55
CON-AT1216 102.0175.0425.40019.05031.750 £215.64
CON-AT1408 51.0124.0425.40022.22528.575 £126.14
CON-AT1416 102.0175.0431.75022.22534.925 £235.68
CON-AT1608 51.0124.0425.40025.40031.750 £152.19
CON-AT1616 102.0175.0431.75025.40038.100 £308.56
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