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DCSTEPX - Carbide Coated Step Drill

DCSTEPX - Carbide Coated Step Drill

Carbide Coated 90 degree Step Drills are designed for combining both boring and counterboring before a threading operation. Their design ensures rigidity and longer tool life.

This range is particularly suite for NC - machine use. The reduced core improves drill penetration. Available M3 - M12.

For threading the hole please use our Single Form Carbide Thread Mills - our part numbers TMS and TMSX.

Hard'X coated:

CARBIDE + Hard'X = hardness 1800 HV & 3500 HV, to machine steels over 1300 N/mm², treated steels up to 67 HRC, stainless steels, titanium alloys, hard bronzes, inconel, nimonic, waspaloy, hard cast irons and all other metals, thermoplastics, nylon, Pvc, laminated materials graphite, reinforced polymer with glass or carbon fibres, all ceramics, glass.

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Working Length Price Qty Add More
DCSTEPX-0.8 £40.50
DCSTEPX-0.9 £39.46
DCSTEPX-1.0 £38.48
DCSTEPX-1.2 £38.48
DCSTEPX-1.4 £38.48
DCSTEPX-1.6 £38.48
DCSTEPX-2.0 £40.50
DCSTEPX-2.5 £42.53
DCSTEPX-3.0 £45.54
DCSTEPX-4.0 £50.61
DCSTEPX-5.0 £54.67
DCSTEPX-6.0 £61.73
DCSTEPX-8.0 £82.00
DCSTEPX-10.0 47.0102.012.0008.50012.00026.0 £114.38
DCSTEPX-12.0 54.0107.014.00010.20014.00030.0 £160.94
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