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DCSLSTTIALN - Carbide Slow Spiral TiALN Coated Stub Drill

DCSLSTTIALN - Carbide Slow Spiral TiALN Coated Stub Drill

These High Performance Solid Carbide Slow Spiral TiAlN Coated Stub Drills come on a unified shank. Range 3.00mm to 12.00mm to DIN 6535 HA Standard.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
DCSLSTTIALN-3.0 3.00mm16.046.03.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-3.4 3.40mm20.050.04.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-3.5 3.50mm20.050.04.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-4.0 4.00mm22.052.04.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-4.3 4.30mm28.068.06.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-4.5 4.50mm28.068.06.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-5.0 5.00mm32.072.06.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-5.1 5.10mm32.072.06.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-5.5 5.50mm35.075.06.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-6.0 6.00mm35.075.06.000 £63.60
DCSLSTTIALN-6.5 6.50mm35.075.06.000 £77.68
DCSLSTTIALN-6.9 6.90mm45.085.08.000 £77.68
DCSLSTTIALN-7.0 7.00mm45.085.08.000 £77.68
DCSLSTTIALN-7.5 7.50mm45.085.08.000 £77.68
DCSLSTTIALN-8.0 8.00mm50.098.08.000 £77.68
DCSLSTTIALN-8.5 8.50mm50.098.010.000 £90.05
DCSLSTTIALN-8.6 8.60mm57.0105.010.000 £90.05
DCSLSTTIALN-9.0 9.00mm57.0105.010.000 £90.05
DCSLSTTIALN-9.5 9.50mm57.0105.010.000 £90.05
DCSLSTTIALN-10.0 10.00mm63.0111.010.000 £90.05
DCSLSTTIALN-10.4 10.40mm63.0111.012.000 £124.17
DCSLSTTIALN-10.5 10.50mm63.0111.012.000 £124.17
DCSLSTTIALN-11.0 11.00mm71.0119.012.000 £124.17
DCSLSTTIALN-12.0 12.00mm71.0127.012.000 £124.17
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