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DCMTC - Through Coolant TiAlN Coated Micro Drills

DCMTC - Through Coolant TiAlN Coated Micro Drills

TiAlN Coated Carbide Drills with COOLANT HOLES.

These through coolant micro drills allow higher feed rates, producing good quality holes.

For drilling a wide range of materials including general steels, cast steel, cast iron, chilled cast iron, malleable cast iron, non-ferrous heavy metal, non-ferrous light metal, and abrasive plastic.

See the DCTCTIALN Carbide TiALN Through Coolant Drills for larger sizes.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
DCMTC-1.00 1.00mm8.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.10 1.10mm12.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.20 1.20mm12.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.30 1.30mm12.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.40 1.40mm12.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.50 1.50mm16.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.60 1.60mm16.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.70 1.70mm16.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.80 1.80mm16.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-1.90 1.90mm16.055.03.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.00 2.00mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.10 2.10mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.20 2.20mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.30 2.30mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.40 2.40mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.50 2.50mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.60 2.60mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.70 2.70mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.80 2.80mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
DCMTC-2.90 2.90mm21.057.04.000 £54.36
Click on part number to check stock