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DCTST - Carbide Tipped Drill, Stub Length

DCTST - Carbide Tipped Drill, Stub LengthThese are deep flute drills for use on non-ferrous materials, not suitable for steels. Point angle 118 degrees. Size range available from 3.500mm to 16.00mm.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCTST-3.80 3.80mm25.056.0118 £14.20
DCTST-4.00 4.00mm25.056.0118 £13.01
DCTST-4.20 4.20mm28.063.0118 £14.66
DCTST-4.80 4.80mm28.063.0118 £14.66
DCTST-5.00 5.00mm28.063.0118 £13.19
DCTST-5.80 5.80mm32.071.0118 £15.34
DCTST-6.50 6.50mm32.071.0118 £14.66
DCTST-6.80 6.80mm40.080.0118 £14.66
DCTST-7.00 7.00mm40.080.0118 £15.56
DCTST-7.50 7.50mm40.080.0118 £15.72
DCTST-8.00 8.00mm40.080.0118 £16.24
DCTST-8.50 8.50mm50.090.0118 £19.68
DCTST-9.00 9.00mm50.090.0118 £17.42
DCTST-9.50 9.50mm50.090.0118 £20.83
DCTST-10.00 10.00mm56.0100.0118 £20.89
DCTST-10.50 10.50mm56.0100.0118 £24.90
DCTST-12.00 12.00mm63.0112.0118 £26.94
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