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FSFP - Front Spot Facing Pilot

FSFP - Front Spot Facing Pilot

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Part No.

DescriptionFlutes Price Qty Add More
FSFP-30X30 30mm Diameter3 £115.77
FSFP-30X32 32mm Diameter3 £97.46
FSFP-30X34 34mm Diameter3 £99.74
FSFP-30X35 35mm Diameter3 £121.52
FSFP-30X36 36mm Diameter3 £103.21
FSFP-30X37 37mm Diameter3 £104.14
FSFP-30X38 38mm Diameter3 £105.70
FSFP-30X39 39mm Diameter3 £108.53
FSFP-30X40 40mm Diameter3 £109.77
FSFP-30X42 42mm Diameter3 £112.23
FSFP-30X44 44mm Diameter3 £114.07
FSFP-30X45 45mm Diameter3 £119.75
FSFP-30X46 46mm Diameter3 £125.24
FSFP-40X40 40mm Diameter3 £145.88
FSFP-40X42 42mm Diameter3 £127.57
FSFP-40X45 45mm Diameter3 £157.74
FSFP-40X46 46mm Diameter3 £139.43
FSFP-40X48 48mm Diameter3 £171.75
FSFP-40X49 49mm Diameter3 £153.44
FSFP-40X50 50mm Diameter3 £153.44
FSFP-40X52 52mm Diameter3 £178.88
FSFP-40X54 54mm Diameter3 £160.57
FSFP-40X56 56mm Diameter3 £181.12
FSFP-40X58 58mm Diameter3 £162.81
FSFP-40X60 60mm Diameter3 £186.57
FSFP-40X62 62mm Diameter3 £168.26
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