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BSFP Taper Shank Pilot for Back Spot Face Cutter Metric

BSFP Taper Shank Pilot for Back Spot Face Cutter Metric

Back Spot Face Taper Shank Pilots for Metric Cutters. Replacing our Imperial range which is becoming obselete.Should you require a Tang they need to be purchased seperately - see BSFP-TANG

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Part No.

DescriptionMorse Taper SizeBody LengthWorking LengthDrive Dia. Price Qty Add More
BSFP-6X6 6mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £90.01
BSFP-6.5X6 6.5mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £90.01
BSFP-7X6 7mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £90.01
BSFP-7.5X6 7.5mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £99.72
BSFP-8X6 8mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £90.01
BSFP-8.5X6 8.5mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £90.01
BSFP-9X6 9mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £90.01
BSFP-9.5X6 9.5mm Diameter155.00093.06.000 £99.72
BSFP-10X6 10mm Diameter155.0006.000 £90.01
BSFP-9X9 9mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-9.5X9 9.5mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-10X9 10mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-10.5X9 10.5mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-11X9 11mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-11.5X9 11.5mm Diameter275.0009.000 £101.69
BSFP-12X9 12mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-12.5X9 12.5mm Diameter275.0009.000 £101.69
BSFP-13X9 13mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-13.5X9 13.5mm Diameter275.0009.000 £101.69
BSFP-14X9 14mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-14.5X9 14.5mm Diameter275.0009.000 £101.69
BSFP-15X9 15mm Diameter275.0009.000 £91.98
BSFP-14X14 14mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-14.5X14 14.5mm Diameter390.00014.000 £143.89
BSFP-15X14 15mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-16X14 16mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-17X14 17mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-18X14 18mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-19X14 19mm Diameter390.00014.000 £143.89
BSFP-20X14 20mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-21X14 21mm Diameter390.00014.000 £134.19
BSFP-20X20 20mm Diameter390.00020.000 £140.59
BSFP-21X20 21mm Diameter390.00020.000 £140.59
BSFP-22X20 22mm Diameter390.00020.000 £140.59
BSFP-23X20 23mm Diameter390.00020.000 £140.59
BSFP-24X20 24mm Diameter390.00020.000 £140.59
BSFP-25X20 25mm Diameter4110.00020.000 £183.87
BSFP-26X20 26mm Diameter4110.00020.000 £183.87
BSFP-27X20 27mm Diameter4110.00020.000 £183.87
BSFP-28X20 28mm Diameter4110.00020.000 £203.29
BSFP-30X20 30mm Diameter4110.00020.000 £183.87
BSFP-32X20 32mm Diameter4110.00020.000 £185.24
BSFP-30X30 30mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £227.57
BSFP-32X30 32mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £227.57
BSFP-35X30 35mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £233.75
BSFP-36X30 36mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £233.75
BSFP-38X30 38mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £253.03
BSFP-40X30 40mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £253.03
BSFP-42X30 42mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £284.63
BSFP-45X30 45mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £284.63
BSFP-46X30 46mm Diameter4135.00030.000 £284.63
BSFP-40X40 40mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £451.75
BSFP-42X40 42mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £432.89
BSFP-45X40 45mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £604.35
BSFP-46X40 46mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £604.35
BSFP-47X40 47mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £623.21
BSFP-48X40 48mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £604.35
BSFP-50X40 50mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £604.35
BSFP-52X40 52mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £623.21
BSFP-54X40 54mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £604.35
BSFP-56X40 56mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £675.08
BSFP-58X40 58mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £656.23
BSFP-60X40 60mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £729.74
BSFP-62X40 62mm Diameter5175.00040.000 £710.88
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