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BSFCT - Carbide Tipped Back Spot Facing Cutter Metric

BSFCT - Carbide Tipped Back Spot Facing Cutter MetricCarbide Tipped Back Spot Facing Cutters metric range are replacing our imperial range which become obselete as stocks run out.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped - ISO K30 - available from 12mm to 125mm diameter. To be fitted to our metric range of arbors with quick change bayonet system.

Using a good soluble oul will increase speed and tool life.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlutesCutter ThicknessDrive Dia. Price Qty Add More
BSFCT-6.00X12 12mm Diameter317.006.000 £163.73
BSFCT-6.00X13 13mm Diameter317.006.000 £163.73
BSFCT-6.00X13.5 13.5mm Diameter317.006.000 £182.04
BSFCT-6.00X14 14mm Diameter317.006.000 £163.73
BSFCT-6.00X15 15mm Diameter317.006.000 £169.45
BSFCT-6.00X16 16mm Diameter317.006.000 £169.45
BSFCT-6.00X17 17mm Diameter317.006.000 £169.45
BSFCT-6.00X17.5 17.5mm Diameter317.006.000 £187.76
BSFCT-6.00X18 18mm Diameter317.006.000 £169.45
BSFCT-6.00X20 20mm Diameter317.006.000 £177.60
BSFCT-6.00X22 22mm Diameter317.006.000 £181.02
BSFCT-9.00X16 16mm Diameter321.009.000 £163.23
BSFCT-9.00X17 17mm Diameter321.009.000 £186.26
BSFCT-9.00X18 18mm Diameter321.009.000 £167.95
BSFCT-9.00X19 19mm Diameter321.009.000 £186.26
BSFCT-9.00X20 20mm Diameter321.009.000 £167.95
BSFCT-9.00X21 21mm Diameter321.009.000 £186.26
BSFCT-9.00X22 22mm Diameter321.009.000 £167.95
BSFCT-9.00X24 24mm Diameter321.009.000 £172.57
BSFCT-9.00X25 25mm Diameter321.009.000 £172.57
BSFCT-9.00X26 26mm Diameter321.009.000 £179.89
BSFCT-9.00X28 28mm Diameter321.009.000 £179.89
BSFCT-9.00X30 30mm Diameter321.009.000 £179.89
BSFCT-9.00X32 32mm Diameter321.009.000 £197.48
BSFCT-9.00X33 33mm Diameter321.009.000 £240.69
BSFCT-9.00X34 34mm Diameter321.009.000 £222.38
BSFCT-14.00X24 24mm Diameter327.0014.000 £199.30
BSFCT-14.00X25 25mm Diameter327.0014.000 £180.99
BSFCT-14.00X26 26mm Diameter327.0014.000 £180.99
BSFCT-14.00X27 27mm Diameter327.0014.000 £183.38
BSFCT-14.00X28 28mm Diameter327.0014.000 £187.96
BSFCT-14.00X30 30mm Diameter327.0014.000 £191.61
BSFCT-14.00X32 32mm Diameter327.0014.000 £215.78
BSFCT-14.00X33 33mm Diameter327.0014.000 £197.48
BSFCT-14.00X34 34mm Diameter327.0014.000 £197.48
BSFCT-14.00X35 35mm Diameter327.0014.000 £201.08
BSFCT-14.00X36 36mm Diameter327.0014.000 £201.08
BSFCT-14.00X38 38mm Diameter327.0014.000 £205.80
BSFCT-14.00X40 40mm Diameter327.0014.000 £251.26
BSFCT-14.00X41 41mm Diameter327.0014.000 £232.95
BSFCT-20.00X34 34mm Diameter331.0020.000 £226.30
BSFCT-20.00X35 35mm Diameter331.0020.000 £208.00
BSFCT-20.00X36 36mm Diameter331.0020.000 £237.10
BSFCT-20.00X38 38mm Diameter331.0020.000 £218.79
BSFCT-20.00X39 39mm Diameter331.0020.000 £237.10
BSFCT-20.00X40 40mm Diameter331.0020.000 £218.79
BSFCT-20.00X41 41mm Diameter331.0020.000 £247.72
BSFCT-20.00X42 42mm Diameter331.0020.000 £229.41
BSFCT-20.00X44 44mm Diameter331.0020.000 £260.68
BSFCT-20.00X45 45mm Diameter331.0020.000 £242.37
BSFCT-20.00X46 46mm Diameter331.0020.000 £265.43
BSFCT-20.00X48 48mm Diameter331.0020.000 £247.12
BSFCT-20.00X50 50mm Diameter331.0020.000 £254.31
BSFCT-20.00X52 52mm Diameter331.0020.000 £279.13
BSFCT-20.00X55 55mm Diameter331.0020.000 £286.13
BSFCT-20.00X57 57mm Diameter331.0020.000 £333.51
BSFCT-20.00X60 60mm Diameter331.0020.000 £348.93
BSFCT-30.00x60 60mm Diameter338.0030.000 £346.00
BSFCT-30.00x62 62mm Diameter338.0030.000 £376.20
BSFCT-30.00x64 64mm Diameter338.0030.000 £443.87
BSFCT-30.00x65 65mm Diameter338.0030.000 £420.98
BSFCT-30.00x67 67mm Diameter338.0030.000 £467.49
BSFCT-30.00x68 68mm Diameter338.0030.000 £444.59
BSFCT-30.00x70 70mm Diameter338.0030.000 £468.04
BSFCT-30.00x72 72mm Diameter338.0030.000 £538.61
BSFCT-30.00x75 75mm Diameter338.0030.000 £538.61
BSFCT-30.00x78 78mm Diameter338.0030.000 £608.52
BSFCT-30.00x80 80mm Diameter338.0030.000 £585.64
BSFCT-40.00x82 82mm Diameter348.0040.000 £746.75
BSFCT-40.00x85 85mm Diameter348.0040.000 £771.66
BSFCT-40.00x90 90mm Diameter348.0040.000 £877.02
BSFCT-40.00x95 95mm Diameter348.0040.000 £912.35
BSFCT-40.00x100 100mm Diameter348.0040.000 £971.62
BSFCT-40.00x105 105mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,005.41
BSFCT-40.00x110 110mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,068.84
BSFCT-40.00x115 115mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,101.43
BSFCT-40.00x120 120mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,126.30
BSFCT-40.00x125 125mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,172.29
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