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BSFC - HSS Back Spot Facing Cutter

BSFC - HSS Back Spot Facing Cutter

These cutters are made from M2 HSS hardened and ground. They have 4 or 6 flutes depending on diameter. There is positive rake angle, radial relief and back taper on the cutters to ensure long life with minimum heat and chatter. The cutters are slipped over the drive diameter and twisted to lock in position. They can be instantly removed in the same manner. Special diameters on quick delivery.

This product line is being discontinued we will continue to supply as we can. PLEASE USE METRIC RANGE.

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Part No.

DescriptionCutter ThicknessDrive Dia. Price Qty Add More
BSFC-3/8X3/16 3/8 Back Spot Face Cutter12.704.763 £74.69
BSFC-7/16X3/16 7/16 Back Spot Face Cutter12.704.763 £74.69
BSFC-12.00X5/16 12.00 Back Spot Face Cutter19.057.938 £33.74
BSFC-1/2X5/16 1/2 Back Spot Face Cutter19.057.938 £71.98
BSFC-9/16X5/16 9/16 Back Spot Face Cutter19.057.938 £71.98
BSFC-5/8X5/16 5/8 Back Spot Face Cutter19.057.938 £71.98
BSFC-1.3/16X1/2 1.3/16 Back Spot Face Cutter19.0512.700 £166.44
BSFC-1.7/16X3/4 1.7/16 Back Spot Face Cutter19.0519.050 £103.05
BSFC-1.5/8X3/4 1.5/8 Back Spot Face Cutter19.0519.050 £109.53
BSFC-1.11/16X3/4 1.11/16 Back Spot Face Cutter19.0519.050 £117.06
BSFC-1.13/16X3/4 1.13/16 Back Spot Face Cutter19.0519.050 £120.96
BSFC-1.7/8X3/4 1.7/8 Back Spot Face Cutter19.0519.050 £120.96
BSFC-2.1/16X1 2.1/16 Back Spot Face Cutter25.4025.400 £143.53
BSFC-2.1/8X1 2.1/8 Back Spot Face Cutter25.4025.400 £147.41
BSFC-3X1 3in Back Spot Face Cutter25.4025.400 £227.61
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