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XCHM - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Alumina Fibre

XCHM - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Alumina FibreThese Xebec tools utilise centrifugal force generated by the tool rotation to remove cross-hole fine burrs which are less than 0.1mm after machining. Can also be used for polishing or scale removal in bores. Xebec tool must be inserted into bore before rotation.

Use RED brushes for fine and BLUE brushes for heavy burrs.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia. Price Qty Add Info
XCHM-01.5A12 Short Shank, Red Brush120.03.0003.5005.000 £33.06
XCHM-03A12 Short Shank, Red Brush120.03.0005.0008.000 £33.06
XCHM-03A33 Short Shank, Blue Brush130.03.0005.0008.000 £37.44
XCHL-03A12 Long Shank, Red Brush170.04.0005.0008.000 £58.10
XCHL-03A33 Long Shank, Blue Brush180.04.0005.0008.000 £66.08
XCHM-05A12 Short Shank, Red Brush120.06.0008.00010.000 £45.08
XCHM-05A33 Short Shank, Blue Brush130.06.0008.00010.000 £51.26
XCHL-05A12 Long Shank, Red Brush170.06.0008.00010.000 £74.12
XCHL-05A33 Long Shank, Blue Brush180.06.0008.00010.000 £84.39
XCHM-07A12 Short Shank, Red Brush120.06.00010.00020.000 £65.10
XCHM-07A33 Short Shank, Blue Brush130.06.00010.00014.000 £73.90
XCHL-07A12 Long Shank, Red Brush170.08.00010.00020.000 £98.16
XCHL-07A33 Long Shank, Blue Brush180.08.00010.00014.000 £111.36
XCHM-11A12 Short Shank, Red Brush 11mm dia120.012.00011.00020.000 £76.49
XCHL-11A12 Long Shank, Red Brush 11mm dia170.012.00011.00020.000 £107.45
XCHL-11A33 Long Shank, Blue Brush180.012.00014.00020.000 £120.00
XCHM-11A33 Short Shank, Blue Brush130.012.00014.00020.000 £85.21
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