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ROUTC - Carbide 2 Flute Right Hand Helix Router

ROUTC - Carbide 2 Flute Right Hand Helix Router

These routers all have super-finished cutting edges tooled to microfinish which give these routers sharper cutting edges and a longer life. They produce a work with a finer finish. The deep curved flute form of these routers provides better swarf deflection and the increased rake and clearance angles enable easy off-hand profile cutting of soft materials such as aluminium, magnesium, copper, soft plastics, hardwood, etc. Sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" and 3.00 to 10.00 mm.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
ROUTC-3.00 3.000 mm Diameter12.038.023.000 £11.62
ROUTC-1/8 3.175 mm Diameter13.038.023.175 £11.62
ROUTC-4.00 4.000 mm Diameter12.038.024.000 £16.13
ROUTC-3/16 4.763 mm Diameter13.051.024.762 £16.13
ROUTC-5.00 5.000 mm Diameter12.050.025.000 £22.48
ROUTC-6.00 6.000 mm Diameter20.065.026.000 £22.74
ROUTC-1/4 6.350 mm Diameter19.064.026.350 £22.74
ROUTC-7.00 7.000 mm Diameter20.065.027.000 £23.79
ROUTC-8.00 8.000 mm Diameter20.065.028.000 £27.41
ROUTC-9.00 9.000 mm Diameter20.065.029.000 £31.46
ROUTC-3/8 9.525 mm Diameter22.064.029.525 £32.48
ROUTC-10.00 10.000mm Diameter20.065.0210.000 £47.35
ROUTC-1/2 12.700mm Diameter25.076.0212.700 £55.01
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