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XEB Surface End Type Brush

XEB Surface End Type Brush

Xebec Deburring Brush End Type - complete tool.

Ideal for cutter mark removal and polishing on the sealed surface.

Available in 1, 1.5,2 and 2.5mm diameters. Brush size is approximate as the tip expands when rotating.

Red brush is more aggressive than the Pink brush.

Recommended Rotational Speed 7000-12000min¯¹ Maximum 15000min¯¹

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.InfoWorking Length Price Qty Add More
XA11-EB01S 1.00mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EBO1S15.0 £7.85
XA13-EB01S 1.00mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB01S15.0 £7.85
XA13-EB015S 1.50mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB015S15.0 £9.28
XA11-EB015S 1.50mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EB015S15.0 £9.28
XA13-EB02S 2.00mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB02S15.0 £12.14
XA11-EB02S 2.00mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EB02S15.0 £12.14
XA11-EB025S 2.50mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EBO25S15.0 £15.71
XA13-EB025S 2.50mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB025S15.0 £15.71
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