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DVENT - HSS Drill Quick Spiral Extra Length Vent Type

DVENT - HSS Drill Quick Spiral Extra Length Vent TypeThese quick spiral extra length drills are small diameter tools designed primarily for drilling aluminium tyre moulds. Point angle 118 degrees. Size range available 0.550mm to 3/32".

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add Info
DVENT-0.55X38 0.55mm19.038.0118 £ POA
DVENT-0.57X50 0.57mm25.050.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#74X1 0.572mm16.025.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#74X2 0.572mm25.051.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#74X3 0.572mm25.076.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#72X2 0.635mm25.051.0118 £ POA
DVENT-0.70X70 0.70mm44.070.0118 £22.00
DVENT-#70X2 0.711mm25.051.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#69X2 0.742mm25.051.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#69X3 0.742mm51.076.0118 £ POA
DVENT-0.80X50 0.80mm25.050.0118 £23.17
DVENT-0.80X75 0.80mm50.075.0118 £23.87
DVENT-1.00X75 1.00mm50.075.0118 £20.56
DVENT-1.00X80 1.00mm50.080.0118 £13.70
DVENT-#60X3 1.016mm51.076.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#57X3 1.092mm51.076.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#57X3.1/2 1.092mm64.088.9118 £ POA
DVENT-#57X4 1.092mm76.0101.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#57X4.1/2 1.092mm76.0114.3118 £ POA
DVENT-#57X6 1.092mm76.0152.0118 £ POA
DVENT-3/64X3 1.191mm51.076.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1.20X75 1.20mm50.075.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#55X4 1.321mm76.0101.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#55X6 1.321mm101.0152.0118 £ POA
DVENT-#54X6 1.397mm101.0152.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1.50X150 1.50mm80.0150.0118 £27.88
DVENT-1/16X3 1.588mm51.076.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1/16X3.1/2 1.588mm63.089.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1/16X4 1.588mm51.0101.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1/16X4.1/2 1.588mm51.0114.3118 £ POA
DVENT-1/16X6 1.588mm101.0152.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1/16X8 1.588mm101.0203.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1.60X100 1.60mm75.0100.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1.60X150 1.60mm100.0150.0118 £ POA
DVENT-1.60X200 1.60mm100.0200.0118 £46.75
DVENT-2.00X150 2.00mm100.0150.0118 £ POA
DVENT-3/32X4.1/2 2.381mm76.0114.3118 £ POA
DVENT-3/32X6 2.381mm101.0152.0118 £21.30
DVENT-3/32X8 2.381mm152.0203.0118 £ POA
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