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CSROSE - HSCo Countersink, Rose Type.

CSROSE - HSCo Countersink, Rose Type.

Multi fluted countersink for deburring and small countersinks. Available with 90 and 120 degree angles.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Point Angle Price Qty Add More
CSROSE-3/8X90M Medium Duty51.074.7629.52590 £9.42
CSROSE-3/8X120M Medium Duty51.074.7629.525120 £14.61
CSROSE-1/2X90H Heavy Duty51.079.52512.70090 £18.78
CSROSE-1/2X90M Medium Duty40.076.35012.70090 £10.52
CSROSE-1/2X90L Light Duty51.074.76212.70090 £11.12
CSROSE-1/2X120H Heavy Duty51.064.76212.700120 £15.27
CSROSE-1/2X120M Medium Duty51.064.76212.700120 £15.27
CSROSE-5/8X90H Heavy Duty51.0812.70015.87590 £22.61
CSROSE-5/8X90M Medium Duty51.076.35015.87590 £17.99
CSROSE-5/8X120M Medium Duty51.076.35015.875120 £17.99
CSROSE-3/4X90H Heavy Duty69.9612.70019.05090 £31.63
CSROSE-1X90H Heavy Duty70.0812.70025.40090 £39.14
CSROSE-1/2X120L 51.064.76212.700120 £16.40
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