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CS3FRUN - HSS 3 Flute Countersink RUna TEC Coated

CS3FRUN - HSS 3 Flute Countersink RUna TEC Coated


Newly developed geometry reduces the axial and radial forces, which are affecting the tool during countersinking. Variably running relief grinding was specially developed and ensures the very quiet countersinking procedure and a perfect surface quality. RUna TEC coating oncreases performance. Specially developed flute parametersensure optimal chip and heat removal and enable a high wear resistance. Materials can be handled at either very high or low cutting speed without the loss of quality.

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Part No.

O/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Point Angle Price Qty Add More
CS3FRUN-6.3X90 45.035.0001.5006.30090 £19.26
CS3FRUN-8.3X90 50.036.0002.0008.30090 £21.32
CS3FRUN-10.4X90 50.036.0002.50010.40090 £21.80
CS3FRUN-12.4X90 56.038.0002.80012.40090 £29.25
CS3FRUN-15X90 60.0310.0003.20015.00090 £29.25
CS3FRUN-16.5X90 60.0310.0003.20016.50090 £30.33
CS3FRUN-19X90 63.0310.0003.50019.00090 £33.79
CS3FRUN-20.5X90 63.0310.0003.50020.50090 £37.49
CS3FRUN-23X90 67.0310.0003.80023.00090 £41.18
CS3FRUN-25X90 67.0310.0003.80025.00090 £45.28
CS3FRUN-31X90 71.0312.0004.20031.00090 £55.66
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