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BSFC - HSS Back Spot Facing Cutter Metric

BSFC - HSS Back Spot Facing Cutter MetricHSS Back Spot Facing cutters - metric range to replace imperial range which is becoming obselete.

In HSS hardnes 63 HRC available from 12mm diameter to 125mm for use in Metric arbors in either Weldon or Taper Shank. Easy bayonet quick change system.

Using a good soluble oil can increase the speed and increase tool life.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlutesCutter ThicknessDrive Dia. Price Qty Add More
BSFC-6.00X12 12mm Diameter317.006.000 £99.97
BSFC-6.00X13 13mm Diameter317.006.000 £99.97
BSFC-6.00X13.5 13.5mm Diameter317.006.000 £118.28
BSFC-6.00X14 14mm Diameter317.006.000 £99.97
BSFC-6.00X14.5 14.5mm Diameter317.006.000 £124.42
BSFC-6.00X15 15mm Diameter317.006.000 £106.11
BSFC-6.00X16 16mm Diameter317.006.000 £106.11
BSFC-6.00X16.5 16.5mm Diameter317.006.000 £124.42
BSFC-6.00X17 17mm Diameter317.006.000 £106.11
BSFC-6.00X17.5 17.5mm Diameter317.006.000 £127.39
BSFC-6.00X18 18mm Diameter317.006.000 £109.08
BSFC-6.00X20 20mm Diameter317.006.000 £109.08
BSFC-6.00X22 22mm Diameter317.006.000 £109.08
BSFC-6.00X24 24mm Diameter317.006.000 £135.31
BSFC-6.00X26 26mm Diameter317.006.000 £117.00
BSFC-9.00X16 16mm Diameter321.009.000 £104.78
BSFC-9.00X17 17mm Diameter321.009.000 £104.78
BSFC-9.00X18 18mm Diameter321.009.000 £106.74
BSFC-9.00X19 19mm Diameter321.009.000 £106.74
BSFC-9.00X20 20mm Diameter321.009.000 £107.88
BSFC-9.00X21 21mm Diameter321.009.000 £128.16
BSFC-9.00X22 22mm Diameter321.009.000 £109.86
BSFC-9.00X24 24mm Diameter321.009.000 £114.38
BSFC-9.00X25 25mm Diameter321.009.000 £114.75
BSFC-9.00X26 26mm Diameter321.009.000 £114.75
BSFC-9.00X28 28mm Diameter321.009.000 £121.52
BSFC-9.00X30 30mm Diameter321.009.000 £121.52
BSFC-9.00X32 32mm Diameter321.009.000 £123.82
BSFC-9.00X33 33mm Diameter321.009.000 £142.13
BSFC-9.00X34 34mm Diameter321.009.000 £123.82
BSFC-14.00X24 24mm Diameter327.0014.000 £124.09
BSFC-14.00X25 25mm Diameter327.0014.000 £124.09
BSFC-14.00X26 26mm Diameter327.0014.000 £125.09
BSFC-14.00X27 27mm Diameter327.0014.000 £145.88
BSFC-14.00X28 28mm Diameter327.0014.000 £127.57
BSFC-14.00X30 30mm Diameter327.0014.000 £132.24
BSFC-14.00X32 32mm Diameter327.0014.000 £132.24
BSFC-14.00X33 33mm Diameter327.0014.000 £132.24
BSFC-14.00X34 34mm Diameter327.0014.000 £149.90
BSFC-14.00X35 35mm Diameter327.0014.000 £154.44
BSFC-14.00X36 36mm Diameter327.0014.000 £154.44
BSFC-14.00X38 38mm Diameter327.0014.000 £159.06
BSFC-14.00X40 40mm Diameter327.0014.000 £159.06
BSFC-14.00X41 41mm Diameter327.0014.000 £170.37
BSFC-20.00X34 34mm Diameter331.0020.000 £162.17
BSFC-20.00X35 35mm Diameter331.0020.000 £162.17
BSFC-20.00X36 36mm Diameter331.0020.000 £171.55
BSFC-20.00X38 38mm Diameter331.0020.000 £171.55
BSFC-20.00X39 39mm Diameter331.0020.000 £189.86
BSFC-20.00X40 40mm Diameter331.0020.000 £171.55
BSFC-20.00X41 41mm Diameter331.0020.000 £185.42
BSFC-20.00X42 42mm Diameter331.0020.000 £185.42
BSFC-20.00X44 44mm Diameter331.0020.000 £206.07
BSFC-20.00X45 45mm Diameter331.0020.000 £187.76
BSFC-20.00X46 46mm Diameter331.0020.000 £213.07
BSFC-20.00X48 48mm Diameter331.0020.000 £194.76
BSFC-20.00X50 50mm Diameter331.0020.000 £200.35
BSFC-20.00X52 52mm Diameter331.0020.000 £215.56
BSFC-20.00X55 55mm Diameter331.0020.000 £238.62
BSFC-20.00X57 57mm Diameter331.0020.000 £287.32
BSFC-20.00X60 60mm Diameter331.0020.000 £301.29
BSFC-30.00x60 60mm Diameter338.0030.000 £318.22
BSFC-30.00x62 62mm Diameter338.0030.000 £323.81
BSFC-30.00x64 64mm Diameter338.0030.000 £395.44
BSFC-30.00x65 65mm Diameter338.0030.000 £372.54
BSFC-30.00x67 67mm Diameter338.0030.000 £395.44
BSFC-30.00x68 68mm Diameter338.0030.000 £372.54
BSFC-30.00x70 70mm Diameter338.0030.000 £406.92
BSFC-30.00x72 72mm Diameter338.0030.000 £470.18
BSFC-30.00x75 75mm Diameter338.0030.000 £470.18
BSFC-30.00x78 78mm Diameter338.0030.000 £545.17
BSFC-30.00x80 80mm Diameter338.0030.000 £522.28
BSFC-40.00x82 82mm Diameter348.0040.000 £701.25
BSFC-40.00x85 85mm Diameter348.0040.000 £733.29
BSFC-40.00x90 90mm Diameter348.0040.000 £797.32
BSFC-40.00x95 95mm Diameter348.0040.000 £829.41
BSFC-40.00x100 100mm Diameter348.0040.000 £925.40
BSFC-40.00x105 105mm Diameter348.0040.000 £957.53
BSFC-40.00x110 110mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,026.79
BSFC-40.00x115 115mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,084.47
BSFC-40.00x120 120mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,115.35
BSFC-40.00x125 125mm Diameter348.0040.000 £1,272.00
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