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BURR-H - Carbide Burr, Tree with Radius End

BURR-H - Carbide Burr, Tree with Radius End

These carbide burrs are available in 11 different shapes with a choice of 5 cutting styles on Metric and Imperial shanks. STANDARD CUT for general use with a chipbreaker to prevent long slivers of damaging swarf. MEDIUM STARCUT for rapid stock removal without pulling on accurate work. Suitable for hard materials. COARSE STARCUT for maximum stock removal on snagging castings, weld, etc. Suitable for steels, non-ferrous, wood and plastics. DIAMOND CUT for hard materials with a fine chipbreaker to give powdered swarf and accurate finish. ALUMINIUM CUT for aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. Particularly suitable for soft, sticky materials.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia.Cutter Radius Price Qty Add More
BURR-MH2A 3.00 Head Diameter Standard Cut10.038.03.0001.20 £7.58
BURR-MH2B 3.00 Head Diameter Medium Starcut10.038.03.0001.20 £7.58
BURR-MH2C 3.00 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut10.038.03.0001.20 £8.95
BURR-MH2D 3.00 Head Diameter Diamond Cut10.038.03.0001.20 £8.95
BURR-MH4A 3.00 Head Diameter Standard Cut9.038.03.0000.40 £7.58
BURR-MH4B 3.00 Head Diameter Medium Starcut9.038.03.0000.40 £7.58
BURR-MH4C 3.00 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut9.038.03.0000.40 £8.95
BURR-MH4D 3.00 Head Diameter Diamond Cut9.038.03.0000.40 £8.95
BURR-H2A 3.175mm Head Diameter Standard Cut10.038.03.175 £7.58
BURR-H2B 3.175mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut10.038.03.175 £7.58
BURR-H2C 3.175mm Head Diameter Coarse Starcut10.038.03.175 £9.57
BURR-H2D 3.175mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut10.038.03.175 £9.57
BURR-H4A 3.175mm Head Diameter Standard Cut9.538.03.175 £7.58
BURR-H4B 3.175mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut9.538.03.175 £7.58
BURR-H4D 3.175mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut9.538.03.175 £9.57
BURR-MH6A 4.70 Head Diameter Standard Cut12.038.03.0000.40 £13.88
BURR-MH6B 4.70 Head Diameter Medium Starcut12.038.03.0000.40 £13.88
BURR-MH6C 4.70 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut12.038.03.0000.40 £16.08
BURR-MH6D 4.70 Head Diameter Diamond Cut12.038.03.0000.40 £16.08
BURR-H6A 4.762mm Head Diameter Standard Cut13.038.04.762 £11.44
BURR-H6B 4.762mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut13.038.04.762 £11.44
BURR-H6C 4.762mm Head Diameter Coarse Starcut13.038.04.762 £13.85
BURR-H6D 4.762mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut13.038.04.762 £13.85
BURR-MH10A 6x15 Tree,Rad End,Standard Cut Burr15.051.06.0001.60 £14.83
BURR-MH10B 6x15 Tree,Rad End,Medium Cut Burr15.051.06.0001.60 £14.83
BURR-MH10C 6.00 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut15.051.06.0001.60 £17.15
BURR-MH10D 6.00 Head Diameter Diamond Cut15.051.06.0001.60 £17.15
BURR-MH8A 6.00 Head Diameter Standard Cut12.044.03.0001.60 £13.88
BURR-MH8B 6.3x12 Tree,Rad End,Medium Cut Burr12.044.03.0001.60 £13.88
BURR-MH8C 6.00 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut12.044.03.0001.60 £16.08
BURR-MH8D 6.00 Head Diameter Diamond Cut12.044.03.0001.60 £16.08
BURR-H8A 6.35mm Head Diameter Standard Cut13.044.00.794 £13.35
BURR-H8B 6.35mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut13.044.00.794 £13.35
BURR-H8C 6.35mm Head Diameter Coarse Starcut13.044.00.794 £16.08
BURR-H8D 6.35mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut13.044.00.794 £16.08
BURR-H10A 6.35mm Head Diameter Standard Cut9.551.06.350 £14.75
BURR-H10B 6.35mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut9.551.06.350 £14.75
BURR-H10C 6.35mm Head Diameter Coarse Starcut9.551.06.350 £17.15
BURR-H10D 6.35mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut9.551.06.350 £17.15
BURR-MH12A 9.50 Head Diameter Standard Cut19.070.06.0002.40 £20.96
BURR-MH12B 9.50 Head Diameter Medium Starcut19.070.06.0002.40 £21.78
BURR-MH12C 9.50 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut19.070.06.0002.40 £25.06
BURR-MH12D 9.50 Head Diameter Diamond Cut19.070.06.0002.40 £25.06
BURR-MH12SA 9.50 Head Diameter Aluminium Cut19.070.06.0002.40 £24.58
BURR-H12A 9.525 Head Diameter Standard Cut9.570.06.350 £20.96
BURR-H12B 9.525 Head Diameter Medium Starcut9.570.06.350 £20.96
BURR-H12C 9.525 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut9.570.06.350 £25.06
BURR-H12D 9.525 Head Diameter Diamond Cut9.570.06.350 £25.06
BURR-H12SA 9.525 Head Diameter Aluminium Cut19.070.06.350 £25.78
BURR-H14A 12.7mm Head Diameter Standard Cut25.076.06.350 £29.46
BURR-H14B 12.7mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut25.076.06.350 £29.46
BURR-H14C 12.7mm Head Diameter Coarse Starcut25.076.06.350 £35.31
BURR-H14D 12.7mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut25.076.06.350 £35.31
BURR-H14SA 12.7mm Head Diameter Aluminium Cut25.076.06.350 £37.12
BURR-MH14A 12.7x25 Tree,Rad End,Standard Cut Burr25.076.06.0003.20 £30.66
BURR-MH14B 12.70 Head Diameter Medium Starcut25.076.06.0003.20 £30.66
BURR-MH14C 12.70 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut25.076.06.0003.20 £35.31
BURR-MH14D 12.70 Head Diameter Diamond Cut25.076.06.0003.20 £35.31
BURR-MH14SA 12.70 Head Diameter Aluminium Cut25.076.06.0003.20 £37.12
BURR-MH15A 12.7x25 Tree Burr Rad End Standard Cut25.070.08.0002.50 £2.00
BURR-MH15D 12.70 Head Diameter Diamond Cut25.070.08.0002.50 £16.99
BURR-MH15SA 12.70 Head Diameter Aluminium Cut25.070.06.0002.50 £16.99
BURR-MH16A 15.8x25 Tree,Rad End,Standard Cut Burr25.076.08.0004.80 £39.90
BURR-MH16B 15.80 Head Diameter Medium Starcut25.076.08.0004.80 £39.90
BURR-MH16C 15.80 Tree Burr Coarse Starcut25.076.08.0004.80 £47.90
BURR-MH16D 15.80 Head Diameter Diamond Cut25.076.08.0004.80 £47.90
BURR-MH16SA 15.80 Head Diameter Aluminium Cut25.076.08.0004.80 £53.86
BURR-H16A 15.875mm Head Diameter Standard Cut25.076.06.350 £39.90
BURR-H16B 15.875mm Head Diameter Medium Starcut25.076.06.350 £39.90
BURR-H16D 15.875mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut25.076.06.350 £47.90
BURR-H16SA 15.875mm Head Diameter Aluminium Cut25.076.06.350 £53.86
BURR-MH18A 19.00 Head Diameter Standard Cut32.076.08.0004.80 £58.87
BURR-MH18B 19.00 Head Diameter Medium Starcut32.076.08.0004.80 £58.87
BURR-MH18C 19.00 Head Diameter Coarse Starcut32.076.08.0004.80 £70.55
BURR-MH18D 19.00 Head Diameter Diamond Cut32.076.08.0004.80 £70.55
BURR-MH18SA 19.00 Head Diameter Aluminium Cut32.076.08.0004.80 £75.40
BURR-H18A 19.05mm Head Diameter Standard Cut25.076.06.350 £58.87
BURR-H18D 19.05mm Head Diameter Diamond Cut25.076.06.350 £70.55
BURR-H18SA 19.05mm Head Diameter Aluminium Cut32.076.06.350 £75.40
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