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AG25 - Hand Grinder, 25,000 RPM

Too powerful for general use, but ideal for snagging castings and welds etc, with large diameter starcut or diamond cut burrs (see the Burrs Points and Abrasives section). 2/3 hp @ 25,000 RPM from 90 psi. Air consumption: 20 CFM @ 90 psi. Body dia 38mm; Length 150mm; Weight 625 gm. Uses Y-200DA and Y-704 collets. Positive displacement 4-vane air motor. May be throttled for slow speed operations. Selected precision ball-races are not exposed to air flow. Silencer easily removable for cleaning. Filter lubricator should be placed in air line for best results. Sealed ball-races do not require lubrication. If a filter lubricator is not fitted the unit should be cleaned from time to time and a little light lubricating oil introduced into the air line or grinder to lubricate motor vanes and prevent internal rusting. Air exhausts backwards away from workpiece.

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